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Vikram Chatwal Hotels

Corporate Profile

Vikram Chatwal Hotels is just one part of a long heritage of gracious hospitality offered up by Hampshire Hotels and Resorts and its Chairman, Sant Singh Chatwal.

Born from the notion of offering 'something for every taste, style and budget', Hampshire Hotels finds its roots in Manhattan dating back to 1986. Offering an array of franchise products across multiple brands including Hilton, Choice, Best Western and Marriott in addition to its own home grown brands that were started by Sant's son Vikram in 1999, Hampshire Hotels now proudly owns and operates hotels 3 continents.

The Vikram Chatwal Hotels collection represents the forefront of progressive, thought provoking and thoughtful design. From its inception in 1999 with the progenitor for the group “The Time” on Manhattan’s west side, Vikram Chatwal has sought out the most daring and creative design teams to bring his “Hautels” to life including such celebrated alums as Adam Tihany, David Rockwell, Mark Zeff, Steve Lewis and Michael Csysz.

The next notch in Vikram's belt of haute hostelries was Dream, which was so wildly successful that it begged to be repeated and so started a whole new brand. Dream now resides in Midtown Manhattan on 55th Street and Broadway, Bangkok, Thailand, Cochin, India, Miami, Florida with many more to come including New York's Meat Packing District and 6 more to come in the South Asian marketplace.

Never one to be formulaic, the VCH Collection continues to offer other independent-minded products that invite their guests to push their conceptions of what a hotel should be.

Night is the most intimate and aggressively designed member of the VCH family. At 70 guest rooms, it is more like spending the night at your eccentric-chic uncle's townhome than a hotel.

Vikram's newest entry into the family album is represented by Stay. Stay again takes friendly, lighthearted stabs at inn-keeping 'norms' by offering its own tongue-in-cheek perspective on the Times Square hotel experience.

Now, hotels in the lifestyle space wouldn't be anything without a place for that perfect meal or clever cocktail. Hampshire Hotels and Vikram Chatwal Hotels have developed some of the most innovative and popular food and beverage venues in every neighborhood and city it calls home. This is in no small part to a team of restaurant partners that make these spots worth coming back to. We are happy to call some of New York's most lauded and inventive restaurateurs and nightlife impresarios part of the family… a family album that includes Geoffrey Zakarian, Greg Brier, Jean-Louis Palladin, Fabio Granato and Vittorio Assaf, Ric Addison, David Rabin, Jeffrey Jah and Will Regan, just to name a few.

With all of this glee and merriment at play in the properties, it takes an concerted effort to keep focus on the true business at hand, and the management team at Hampshire Hotels is more than happy to take up that task. For nearly 25 years, Hampshire hotel has successfully managed a portfolio of over 3500 rooms and 1500 employees and produced results that are the envy of the competition. How do we do this you may ask? By loving what we do and having fun while we do it.

To find out more on how to get involved in our future developments, please send us an email… we would love to hear from you. Your contact for development at Hampshire Hotels and Resorts, LLC is BMcNamara@HH-R.com.